Primary Oakhurst


Technology enhances classroom learning and enables students to share their classroom experiences in engaging ways.

Learning in the 21st Century

Digital literacy
For a changing world

Technological skills are developed across Key Learning Areas through explicit teaching and learning opportunities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) lessons and integrated classroom learning. STEM lessons aim to develop key skills including problem solving, creativity and critical analysis. There is also a strong focus on collaborative learning, teamwork and communication.

Technology resources such as interactive boards, laptops, iPads and a range of coding and robotic resources allow teachers to incorporate digital and multimedia tools in their teaching and students to access a wide range of tools and resources in their learning.

Digital literacy is encouraged by developing students skills:

  • in seeking and handling information
  • in creating and producing their works
  • by encouraging students to be safe and responsible when interacting online.

Seesaw provides parents with a digital portfolio of students' learning as well as providing each student with greater control over the work they seek to showcase.

The thing I love about RJ is that there are lots of technology and extra-curricular activities and groups.
Brodie Oliver, Past Primary Captain