How to Enrol

We are delighted that you are considering RJ for your child. We are very proud of our College Community and hope your family can join us.

You'll be pleased to know that

The enrolment process
is easy and straight forward.


Enjoy exploring this website (and our Facebook page) to catch a glimpse of life at RJ. We understand this is an important decision for your family our Registrar, Mrs Trudy Tildsley, will be delighted to assist you.

We also host Open Days each Term which provide your family with an opportunity to meet with the Principal, the respective Heads of Junior and Senior School and to have a tour of our facilities. You can also view our Prospectus.

If you are not able to attend one of our Open Days, we can also provide you with a personal tour with our Registrar or Head of Enterprise & Culture.

If you are considering Kindergarten, please note that children can commence Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they reach the age of 5 on or before 31 March that year.

Enrolment Policy


Wonderful! We’re excited for you. Please act promptly (at least a year before your child starts Kindergarten or Year 7) to avoid disappointment! (Please note our Kindergarten cut-off age is 31 March.)

2024 Availability - Limited opportunities are currently available. An Applications Pool (waiting list) exists for most other grades. Enrolment Applications may still be submitted.

2025 Availability - Limited opportunities are currently available. An Applications Pool (waiting list) exists for most other grades. Year 7 reviews are almost finalised. Enrolment Applications may still be submitted.

2026 Availability - Enrolment Applications are welcome for Kindergarten, Year 7 and 11. There is limited availability in other grades.

Follow our 7 easy steps to add your family to the pool of applications for consideration when vacancies emerge, understanding that submitting an Application doesn't automatically result in an interview, and an interview doesn't automatically result in an Offer of Enrolment.


Read the Conditions of Enrolment

In accepting and signing an 'Offer of Enrolment', you will be agreeing to the Anglican Schools Corporation's Conditions of Enrolment. These documents set out the terms of the enrolment contract between the parents and the Anglican Schools Corporation. Download the PDF below for more details.


Application for Enrolment

Complete an Application for Enrolment for each child via our online form and pay the $50 non-refundable Application fee using your credit card. Please note that families interested in our previous Campus at Marsden Park (now Marsden Park Anglican College), should visit their website to apply.www.mpac.nsw.edu.au



Our Registrar will review your Application and confirm your child’s inclusion in the Applications Pool.



The Principal will review your Application as positions becomes available. Once the Principal has determined to offer a place, you will be contacted for an enrolment interview with the Principal or delegate. A slightly different process occurs with Kindergarten enrolments.

As a guide, Year 7 Applications are reviewed in Term 2 of the preceding year. If a Year Group is already at capacity, your Application will remain in the applications pool until a position becomes available.

Kindergarten families are usually welcomed in a small group setting in conjunction with a Kindy Readiness Session. These sessions are held at the end of Term 1 and the beginning of Term 2 of the preceding year.


Offer of Enrolment—EXCITING!

Once the College has decided to offer a place for your child, you will be sent a formal Offer of Enrolment together with the Conditions of Enrolment and the Uniform and Presentation Policy.


Digitally sign the online offer plus Acceptance Fee payment.

Promptly complete online the Enrolment Offer together with the $500 non-refundable Acceptance Fee to secure your place. Failure to act promptly, may result in your place being re-allocated to another child.


Relax—your child is in good hands.

If your child is commencing in Kindergarten or Year 7 in Term 1, you will be advised of the relevant orientation day/s.

Please note that enrolment priority is given to siblings of current RJ students provided the Application for Enrolment is received before 30 March in the preceding year. Applications for Enrolment received after this date will be added to the Applications Pool with positions offered at the Principal’s discretion.


My four children have different personalities and abilities. At RJ, each of them are given opportunities to thrive and develop in confidence as the person that God has created them to be. My children receive a tremendous level of care from the teachers, care not just for their academics but care for them as a person. They are given opportunities to learn how to be resilient, co-operative and how to love and care for others.
Mrs White, Current Parent