Junior School

Leadership Roles

Whilst RJ actively encourages students to serve and lead others without the title of leader, there are some formal roles which directly benefit our RJ community.

Extra Opporunities

Encouraging all students
to become servant leaders

Captaincy and House Leaders

During Term 3, Year 5 students participate in extensive leadership training to assist them in preparing for Year 6 leadership. These students can apply in Term 4 for the Junior School Captaincy roles and are interviewed by members of the College Executive and Senior School Leaders. Junior School Captains and Vice Captains present at weekly Junior School Assemblies and Special Events. Other Year 5 students can be involved in House Leadership.

Junior School Student Forum

Student Leaders from Years 4-6 are nominated by their class early each year to be representatives at the Student Forum. Student Forum meets fortnightly. Members share ideas and plan service opportunities then report back to their classes accordingly. The Junior School Student Forum is led by the Head of Junior School with visits from the two Senior School Vice-Captains.

Various topics are discussed with suggestions regularly taken from the Forum meetings to the College Executive for consideration and approval. Many helpful changes have come about because of the Forum.

Year 6 Student Leaders also assist in the playground and at Special Events.

The journey at RJ has been life changing for my children with many opportunities, especially in the area of leadership development, which will benefit them in the years to come.
Mrs Chaudhary, Parent, 2023