Parent Engagement

Parent engagement is very important to our community as we partner in the development of each unique child and build a sense of belong.

Great opportunities to

have fun getting to know
other RJ parents

At RJ, our desire is for our students to have a strong sense of belonging to the RJ community, to discover the joys of service, and to succeed in all facets of life. Similarly, we are delighted to appoint Year Group Parent Ambassadors who are willing to cultivate this sense of belonging in the parent community, serve with their time and talents, and help our RJ community to succeed in a wider sense.

A Year Group Parent Ambassador is selected from each Year Group to moderate the Year Group based Facebook pages in February and to assist RJ in building community within the Year Groups for a 12 month period. We hope to continue to develop this Ambassador role and explore future opportunities.

This role includes moderating the Facebook posts of other parents in the relevant Year Group Facebook group. Ambassadors are not expected to answer all the parent questions. The Facebook groups are intended to be a place where all parents can help each other. Ambassadors will primarily be checking posts for tone and appropriateness.

As a Christian school, we would like Facebook questions and comments to be encouraging and helpful. Moreover, we are hopeful that, over time, parents will become more familiar with each other and friendships will grow within the Year Group as families progress through the various stages at RJ.

Current parents of RJ can join their relevant closed Facebook group. (Please note the groups are not open to the wider community e.g. grandparents.)

Facebook Groups 2024

In addition to the Parent Ambassador program, we usually offer "RJ Community Connect" events once a Term at each Campus (except for Term 4).

These events will typically include refreshments and an opportunity for parents to casually chat with each other and other members of the RJ Executive from 7:00pm. Parents will be asked to pre-register (for catering) and when registering they may suggest any topics they would like the Principal to address. During the night, the Principal will provide an update the parents on College matters as well as the topics of interest and may share a small devotional and prayer. The events typically conclude by 8:00pm with an opportunity to stay and continue conversations..

Another fun way to get to know other parents is to volunteer to assist in the classroom (e.g. Primary reading) or to assist in certain College excursions or fund raising activities (e.g. RJ Spring Festival). Parents or grandparents who want to volunteer for student-related activities must provide a Volunteer Working With Children Check clearance and have read the Volunteer Handbook. (Refer Volunteers Section).