Student Life

House System

RJ's House culture is deeply embedded across the School. Students and teachers alike share a high level of pride and loyalty for their respective Houses.


Passionate rivalry.
Friendly and fair.

Rivalry between the Houses is passionate, but always friendly and fair, as each student strives to do their best for their House. The most coveted goal is to gain the annual title of Overall Champion House, which is announced with great enthusiasm at the College Presentation Nights.

Your children will be allocated to the same House. In Years 7-10, the Home Groups are also formed according to Houses to build team spirit.


  • Isaiah's Eagles (green)
  • Daniel's Lions (yellow)
  • David's Rams (purple)
  • Noah's Sharks (red)

House Meetings are held once or twice a Term and students have fun participating in activities together and preparing for major Carnivals. The three major Carnivals (Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics) offer a variety of events for Years 3-12 students. (Younger students enjoy Mini Athletics and Cross Country days and Swim Fun days instead.)

Students can gain points for their House in a number of ways. Tokens and Commendations, which are earned by students who try hard and/or do excellent work or service, count towards the overall House Competition. (Most often, it is the House that earns the most points for Tokens during the year, which wins the Overall Champion House competition.)

A weekly General Knowledge Quiz is held for all students from Years 3-12 and each correct answer counts towards the House Competition.

Inter-house soccer, basketball and netball competitions add a further dimension to the lively House spirit.

"I really enjoy all the sports offered at RJ."
George Peacock, Lions House Captain, 2020

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