There's lots going on at RJ, so communication is important for everyone to know what's happening and how to and where to access information. We want everyone to feel on the same page.

we love to stay in touch

Good communication =
an informed community

It is important that parents ensure their mobile numbers, email addresses and their child's medical information is always current. (Updates can be made by parents using Edumate or emailed to

College Based Communication

  • Prior to Term 1, all families receive a detailed letter from the Principal containing important information for the year ahead, including the College calendar which lists Term dates and other significant events. This letter is emailed and also available on our website under Resources.
  • Prior to Term 1, a Stationery List (Years 3-12) is available on our website under Resources.
  • During Term time parents are emailed a link to the College's fortnightly newsletter "RJ Review", which is also available on our website.
  • Typically, excursion notes are emailed and electronic permission given via the RJ App or web-based Edumate.
  • The RJ App will provide access to College broadcasts as well as the events calendar. Please ensure notifications are active.
  • From time to time the College may SMS you as required.

Parent Based Communication

Parents can email for general matters, or the relevant teacher where applicable.

Student absences should be communicated once the prompt has been received via the RJ App (usually before 10am). Extended absences of more than three days need to be applied for, email to

Parents are encouraged to join the relevant Year Group Parent Facebook page which is a great platform for sharing information or asking questions. Links are available from the Annual Letter listed on the Resources page.

College Fee Account Based Communication

College fees are administered by the Anglican Schools Corporation Group Office. Account queries or payments should be directed to TASC (02 8567 4000) by using the individual Debtor Number for quick identification (listed on the invoice). Account payments are not accepted at the College

Families experiencing any extenuating circumstances should promptly contact the Head of Enterprise & Culture, Mrs Stephanie Ghali (

This School is owned by the Anglican Schools Corporation