Service Opportunities

At RJ, service to others is deeply ingrained in our Christian culture, and it's a core value we cherish. We offer abundant opportunities for meaningful service, both within our school community and beyond.

Service-focused activities run close to our heart

You don't need to have a badge
to help others

Embracing a servant-hearted nature not only enriches the lives of those we extend our help to but also profoundly influences the hearts and minds of our students. It fosters the development of empathy, compassion, and a strong sense of responsibility. As our students engage in diverse service experiences, they cultivate leadership skills and gain a broader perspective of society's needs. Ultimately, they evolve into compassionate, well-rounded individuals who grasp the profound positive impact they can make on the lives of others.

Some service opportunities are listed below:

  • Chapel Committee; Chapel Musicians; Chapel Singers
  • Compassion Fundraising (Our Primary students particularly enjoy writing and receiving heartfelt letters from their assigned sponsor child)
  • CRU Day Camp (July)
  • Hanna Reserve Clean Up
  • Moree Mini Mission (alternate years December)
  • Music Tour (alternate years)
  • North West Mission (alternate years October)
  • Run for Bibles - (Bible League)
  • Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal
  • SBS (Service, Blankets, Squares)
  • Service Week (Year 10)
  • Tech Crew for Chapel, Assembly and other events
  • Winter Sleepout - (Youth Off the Streets)
  • World Vision - 40 Hour Backpack Challenge, 40 Hour Famine Challenge - 40km Team Walk
The act of kindness that has been expressed today (RJ gift hampers) to the hospital staff this afternoon is truly beautiful and has warmed my heart. . . . You have all had a hand in making the staff here felt heard and appreciated.
Mrs Boyd, Acting NUM, Mt Druitt Hospital